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Infinity, by Brian Clegg

As an author, VisiMap plays a large part in the development of my popular science books. Most recently it was used on Infinity. This is a non-technical guide to the remarkable concept of infinity, the amazing paradoxes it generates and the people who have been fascinated by it over the ages (see the Infinity home page for details: available from and

In the early stages of development, VisiMap was used to pull together different strands of information as they were collected. Then, before the book was written, its structure was designed in VisiMap, slotting in the different themes and ideas. Finally, after the book is written, I capture the key information into a map using VisiMap for marketing purposes, so that the essential highlights of the book are always readily available and memorable. 

I started using VisiMap this way on my bestselling introduction to the wonders of light and the remarkable characters who have investigated the properties of this unique phenomenon, Light Years (see the Light Years home page for details: available from To put Light Years together I had to talk to scientists like Professor Gunter Nimtz, who was investigating the way that under special conditions light can effectively travel backwards in time. This meant sorting out complex notes on the fly, and again VisiMap was an ideal way of keeping track. 

Brian Clegg.
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